25 May, 2013

Clubbing vs milonga

Non Tango dancers go out clubbing. But seriously ask yourself. Can you/have you ever enjoyed clubbing? What do you do when you are clubbing? You hear LOUD music, you get drunk and not dance. But you are constantly banging your head. You cannot socialize/talk to your group of friends because you cannot hear a word of what they are saying because of very loud music. You try to dance but barely anyone is REALLY dancing or rather knows dancing. Everyone PRETENDS to have good fun, good time, whereas everyone is busy watching others. Girls see what other girls are wearing, what bags are they carrying, there is fake laughter for no rhyme or reason. People expecting to get picked up or pick up someone to take back home. That is true definition of clubbing. YAWWWN!!
Let us compare this to a milonga. True bliss. No pretension, no faking anything. You are what you are. True happiness. Everyone is truly having a good time. There is true dancing, connection, movement, harmony, code of conducts, sophisticated crowd that knows each other or getting to know each other. True socializing, good wine, good food, nice, soft and melodious music that touches your soul. True cheer and laughter. For a milonga too, you dress up. In fact, you dress even better than you would for clubbing, the clothes are even more sensual. The heels are to die for. You truly get energized. That is milonga. It is a good time in REAL way.
It is strange for me. I have 2 distinct group of friends that can be divided completely into- Tango dancers and non tango dancers. I see each one's pictures on facebook. Non tango dancers, when they post pictures on fb, it is so clear- FAKE/ PRETENSE to be happy. And when I see tango dancers pictures, there is high quality LIFE visible even in their pictures where they are not even dancing but just sitting and wining and dining in a milonga or after milonga. Even in pictures the high quality life is visible over low quality. And it is not my imagination or obsession with Tango that makes me say this.