19 May, 2013

Tango truths

What is Tango? Is it dance in walk or a walk in dance? It is walking in life, towards life. It is a commitment to being committed to oneness and to being in sync. It is about touch and being in touch. It is about empathy, spirituality and austerity. Tango is about being in love. The only difference is that Tango love is unknown and hidden from non Tango dancers. It is a dance of truth. In Tango, there is a invisible, timeless bond between the two people that interlinks and intertwines them. They share an energy in the embrace, which is subtle yet very powerful. The moments they share are irrevocable. In Tango 1+1 has to be 1. Both the leader and the follower have to do 100% and 100% to make 100%. The leading and following in Tango should be interpreted as letting and flowing. 
Your partner feels it instantly. More than being sexual, Tango is human. Because here you embrace another person and never want to leave. You merge together in complete union.
So many people tell me. I have two left feet. I can never dance. Well, if you can walk, you can Tango too. Tango is essentially a walking dance.
Then people ask me- In how much time can I learn Tango?
My answer is- I have been dancing for years now and I am still learning. Enjoy the journey. Do not set time boundaries for yourself. Tango takes a lifetime to master. And it needs constant practice or else you become rusted. It needs constant love, care and attention.
Initially, people do not like "that old fashioned music". They find it very "sad and slow". Some newbies have even compared it to "mourning songs". Well familiarity play a major part in what you enjoy and prefer listening to. Exposure to a new type, gradually changes your taste buds and your preferences. Slowly you start finding this "sad and slow" music very "soothing, romantic and the one that touches your soul".