08 May, 2013

Ways to handle relationship

Just pondering- what are those things that can spoil a relationship between a couple.
Possessive attitude- This is sure shot killer. We humans, are not toys who can be or should be possessed. People in a relationship are mature enough to handle their lives their way. No one should dictate terms. Giving space is crucial for a successful relationship. Jealousy, possessiveness, controlling, nagging, threatening, pressurizing, explaining are detrimental for a successful relationship. Every one is an individual. We all have our own likes, passions, set of friends, interests, the way to lead life. Just because, two people are a couple, does not mean that either one has to give up on any of those things. If you cannot encourage your partner and become their companion, the least you can do is not dissuade them from following what they like.
Earlier, the philosophy was- adjust, compromise. And most of the time it applied to women. Today the scenario is different. Everyone wants a breathing space. 

If ever you find that someone tries to pull you down, you must know that that person is down-below you. 
If you find a person/friend/ mentor, who is trying to pull you up, it shows that that person is higher above you and is very secure in his/her position and has the strength to pull you up.
Look around you. You will find both kinds of people- the ones trying to pull you down or pull you up. They are portraying their own strengths and weaknesses.