12 July, 2013

Sale of Chanderi Saris

Big announcement.
Now I have my own unit where the Chanderi saris are being hand woven. 
Finally, I can offer better quality, better deigns, more number of pieces of the same designs, am able to take wholesale orders and best of all- You can order any design or any color of your own choice. 
Finest possible chanderi cotton- silk fabric has been used to weave these saris. I also sell plain fabric, in large bulk, which can be dyed or printed. I also have fabric with small border available.

To place your order-
Quote the blog. In this case it is- http://www.kiransawhney.com/2013/07/sale-of-chanderi-saris.html

and the number written against each piece. Email me at

The price is quoted in Indian Rupees.
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.

Please do not order from previous sari blogs.  

1. Red

2. Yellow
Rs. 8000/-

3. Navy blue/black
Rs. 10,000/-

4. Orange
Rs. 8000/-

5. Black
Rs. 8000/-

6. Black 10,000/-

7. Black

8. Orange

9. White
Rs. 7000/-

10. Black
Rs. 7000/-

8. Black

9. Salwar kameez duppata- unstitched- black
Rs. 4500/-

10 salwar kameez dupatta- all unstitched

11. Unstitched salwar kameez dupatta
Rs. 4500/-

12. Red meenakari
Rs. 7500/-

13. purple big paisley
Rs. 7000/-

14. white and pink
Rs. 8500/-

15. Black big paisley
Rs. 7000/-

16. Puna resham and silver zari work
Rs. 10,000/-

17. Pink Sari with big paisely
Rs. 7000/-

18. White with ring buti
Rs. 7000/-

19. Kamal Pallu
Rs. 11,000/-

20. Meena work
Rs. 7500/-

21. White kamal pallu
Rs. 6000/-

22. german blue
Rs. 7000/-

23. jangla sari. It has 1 metre jangla palla.
Rs. 10,200/-

Body is not so heavy. It has butis.

24. rose butas. White and gold zari rose butas- all over.
Rs 8500/-

25. skirt sari. The small paisleys are in the falls also.
Rs. 10,000/-

26. Bargad
Rs. 9000/-

27. meena sari.
Rs. 6500/-

28. big paisley
Rs. 10,000/-

29. Kabootar buti
Rs. 8000/-

30. pachranga kinar jangla
Rs. 11, 500/-

This is the back side. very neat finish.

31. Silver grey
Rs. 8600/-