26 August, 2013

Lessons of life

We never stop growing. Every day teaches us a new lesson, makes us more experienced, wiser and maturer. We never know it all. 

Lessons that I learnt this year

1. Delete unwanted people from life and keep chosen few and very dear ones. Clean the unwanted junk. These days, it is easy to delete someone from your life. You just need to press delete button of your laptop, delete them from your friend list. Do not bear people who are pain in the a**.

2. Tango (Daniel) taught me and taught it right- Men are all idiots. One look at him, should be enough to tell you- Do not trust him. Because if you do, he will fail you. Half of them would claim to have personal relation with you and the other half would want to. They all take pride to flaunt you. Should you care for these idiots? No. Because you cannot stop men dogs from barking.

3. Give no justifications or explanations for your actions. It is not worth it.

4. Lead your life your way. My way or highway.