18 August, 2013

Losing weight

Today majority of the people want to lose weight. It is every one's goal to be fitter, younger and slimmer. People are striving towards it. Working phenomenally hard towards it. But many of them are failing. Having said that, losing weight has never ever been this easy as the present day and age. One just needs the right guidance and the right motivation. There has been ample research, new equipments, which are aimed at giving better results. You should just have the right regime and diet. Today you need less time, less effort, less number of days per week to achieve better results than before. Yes, it is possible. Hence, it pains me to see so much obesity, so much effort of gym goers spending endless number of hours, sweating it out, getting injured, taking non sense supplements and yet getting nowhere closer to their desired results. Are the short cuts possible? Today, yes, they are. Have a smart workout not a regular gym workout or a regular yoga. Being in the field of fitness for 17 years now, I can give it to you in writing- a regular gym workout is nothing but a waste of your time and money. Invest in a smart workout and see miraculous results. You see people around you, losing weight in few days and you keep wondering how and what they did. They were not seen in the gym you go to. They eat everything, yet they lose weight. Think about it- How and what did they do. I propose, hire a competent trainer (definitely not a gym trainer), check his/her credentials and ask for his/her referrals. Let him/her plan a customized workout plan as per your needs. And then enjoy the results.