04 August, 2013

Tango teachers visiting Delhi

These days, two Tango teachers are visiting my school and teaching in NDTS- New Delhi Tango School.   They are wonderful and their workshops are packed. Some of their upcoming workshops are:

2. Intensive Course of Tango Salon with
Stefano Fava and Gisela Vidal
Resident Maestros of the Miguel Angel Zotto Tango Academy in Milan and internationally well known for their methodical approach and passionate teaching which focuses mainly on:

-The Connection with the partner through the embrace,
-The elegance in the footwork and in the posture,
- The intimacy and comfort within the embrace,
- The Importance of a strong connection between the moves and the music which inspires them.

Stefano and Gisela will be with us for a series of workshops structured in two Intensive weekends designed to systematically improve your Tango skills, through a comprehensive programme which will go from the fundamentals to more complex topics following a gradual and progressive path.

3 Sunday 4th August at 7- 8.30PM
Musicality and time: understanding the rhythm and the phrase. Relationship between the sequence and the musical phrase. Single time, double time, half time.

4 Sunday 4th August at 8.30-10 PM
Rotations and the concept of dissociation. Study of the main figures based on rotation: ocho forward, ocho backward leaders and followers.
La rotazione e la dissociazione. Combinations in sequences.

5 Monday 5th August at 7-8.30PM
Milonga. Fundamentals of Milonga rhythms, single time Milonga. Main figures and dynamics

6 Monday 5th August at 8.30-10 PM
Milonga second part. Milonga figures in double time (Milonga con traspies.

LEVEL 2 (9/10/11/12 August 2013)
Suitable for those who have been dancing for 2-3 years or for those who, having attended the previous weekend, would like to push it a little further.

1 Friday 9 August at 8-9.30 PM
Exploring the concept of Sacada: difference between "Sacadas" and "Entradas". Sequences based on Sacadas for leaders and followers.

2 Saturday 10 August at 7.30-9 PM
Planeos and Barridas: lead and execution. Sequences with Planeos and Barridas for leaders and followers

3 Sunday 11 August at 7-8.30 PM
The turn of the follower. The back enrosque and the "rulo" of the leader. Sequences with combination of the above elements and embellishments for the follower.

4 Sunday 11 August at 8.30-10 PM
Fluid figures for Melodic Tango. Turn and counter-turn with forward enrosque. The musical phrase, the melody, the pause with Paradas with consequent possibilities for the follower.

5 Monday 12th August at 7-8.30 PM
Rapid sequences for Rhythmic Tango. Changes of front and directions with Voleos for the follower and "corrida" for the leader. Application of the above sequences to different dynamics: single time, double time and half time.

6 Monday 12th August 8.30-10 PM
Combination of sequences from the previous classes: how to develop the the improvisational skills and how to link all move in a continuous flow.
Below are some of our pictures from non Tango time- just chilling.