21 September, 2013

Exquisite bed covers and Dohads for sale

These are block printed, exquisite bed covers and Dohads in pure cotton. Each piece is machine washable.
To order, you can mail me at: kiran.sawhney@gmail.com
I do ship internationally. Shipping charges extra. Price mentioned is in Indian Rupees.

These are King size bed sheets/ bed covers. Pure cotton, hand block printed. Rs. 1400/- each.

1. White and red

2. Grey

3. Cream and blue.

4. Cream and red

 These are heavy,king size, bed covers. They have two layers each and a hand embroidered kantha work. Each one is for Rs. 2700/- each

5. Cream, red and green

6. Elephants and palm trees

7. Orange, red and green

8. Lilac and green

9. Blue.

10. White and blue

These are a set of 2 dohads. 2 queen size dohars. They are for Rs. 3000/- a pair.








This is a king size dohad. With a very fine machine work on top. 

18. Rs. 4500/-

19. This king size dohad has complete hand work and is reversible.
Rs. 6500/-

Reverse of the above