16 October, 2013

Has my fitness business taken a back seat?

Recently I met my old client, who had taken fitness classes from me. She inquired about my fitness classes. She wanted to join again and was checking my available time slots. She mentioned that now she saw mostly Tango related blog posts on my blog. Another friend asked me when I would be putting more saris on my blog or why I have not put them for so long. 
So here is a clarification. My first and foremost business is still health and fitness. It is doing so well. (Touch wood). Now I get all my clients through word of mouth publicity. I have clients, who have been with me for years because of the tremendous results they get. Initially, I needed to advertise and invest in it. But now instead of advertising more, I focus more on giving the existing clients their desired results. Which in turn, automatically gets me more clients.

My hand woven saris sell before I even put them on the blog. My fitness equipments has regular buyers. I promote a business through the blog for some time and then it flows.

Some people might think that my prime focus is Tango now and not Fitness. But the fact is, that now fitness does not need to be promoted. My word of mouth publicity is getting me enough clients. In fact, now I have expanded that work to complete make over. Same goes for sarees and even fitness equipments. 

Now I am promoting my Tango school, Tango shoes and Tango dresses. My focus has not shifted. But for different businesses that I run, I give more attention to the project that is still new and needs to be built and requires more attention. Makes sense. No?