26 October, 2013

Watching Russell Peters show

Yesterday I watched Russell Peters show. I was rolling down laughing. I have probably never laughed so much. He is really good and now I am his big fan. In fact, on my list he is presently number 1. Better than any Hollywood or Bollywood actor. He is so good looking and so full of wit and humor. OMG I can go on and on about him.Wow!! Wish I get to meet him personally once.

There was Sunanda Throor and some Sunil with her in sitting in the front row. Russell really took their case. He is so well read and aware. I am sure, he knew who they were. But the guy could not care two hoots. He mocked at her Hublot watch and her big rock on her fingers and how she had a priced catch in her second marriage. She was closed to tears. But he went on and on.

Seen, standing behind me is Sunanda Throor. Only her face is seen. And you can see the expression on her face. 

And after the show we went for dinner. And this is what I had worn.

Recently got this present from mom and dad. It is pendant- ballerina in platinum and diamonds and currently it is the best piece of jewelry that I have.