27 November, 2013

Milonga de mis amores in Delhi

Milonga de mis amores in Delhi is becoming bigger and better. Today NDTS has the biggest and the best Tango dancing community in Delhi. Every time, some or the other visitor from overseas, comes over to attend this milonga and students of NDTS make me proud with their dancing skills. The visitors are always pleasantly surprised to know that these students have been dancing only for few months. They genuinely encourage me and tell me that I am doing all the right things as a Tango teacher and as a milonga organizer. It gives me strength and makes me smile. I fondly remember and give credit to my teachers.

Superb Tanguero from Austria. We had earlier danced together in Sitges.

Wonderful couple from Germany.


My students who make me proud.

This picture is specially dedicated to my teacher Daniel Trenner. Daniel all my followers lead and my leaders follow. 

Just a few months and they are outshining in the milonga.

My support and strength.