26 December, 2013

Christmas 2013

Since childhood, Christmas has been very special for me. I studied in a Convent and had many Christian friends with whom, I used to celebrate Christmas. Every year, there is something special on Christmas.
It is a time of carols, cakes, cheer and happiness.
Yesterday, it was celebrated with my friend at her place. She had organized such a wonderful party. Had decorated her house with a big Christmas tree. We had a feast, lots of dancing, singing and eating. We got together in the morning and it was a whole day and night affair. 
That is a kind of party that I really enjoy. Small, intimate, cosy, warm, with Christmas carols and everything perfect. 

I have just showcased my vegetarian food that she had specially prepared for me on my blog. I have cropped a lot of other food that was laid on the table.

Vegetarian food.

And my first Christmas present.

And my second Christmas present.

And there was a BIG bag full of more presents, that I will showcase soon.

And this is what I wore.

It is a dress from Promod.
I also got a jacket from Promod. So I can wear it with or without the jacket.

Simply loved the time spent with her. Perfect party.