14 December, 2013


Today my friend described me so well. I have written thousands of blog posts. I have myself not been able to describe myself so well as my friend did today. No body and I repeat no body, has known or described me ever, so well. She said, "You are exactly like a porcupine. Small, discreet, very quietly doing her work. But the minute somebody pokes you in the wrong way, you take out your bristles to save yourself. You are very cute, you are very humble and adorable as long as nobody rubs you off the wrong way".  And yes, this is exactly who I am or who I want to be. Do I want to change? No. Not at all. This description so aptly describes me.
People around me have seen me in different lights- sensitive, touchy, intimidating, some called me down to earth, some thought I am a snob. But the real me was described to me by my friend today.