28 January, 2014

Blood is thicker than water

They say blood is thicker than water.
Then how is it that even if you are not my own blood,
your heart has more love for me than my own blood.
When I was down and out, you held me.
They say a child learns to walk holding the hands of his parents.
Then how is it that I learnt to walk holding your hands.
They say a mother gives birth to a child.
Then how is it that you gave me my life?
They say a bird teaches its young one how to fly
Then how is it that you gave me my wings to fly?
They say that only a mother's heart can understand what her child goes through.
But when I was down and out,
when I could not walk,
when I was screaming with pain,
when I needed help for every possible thing
to move, to turn, to talk, to dream,
you two were there for me.
You two are not my own blood.
But you are the only ones who cared for me.
When I was in pain, I saw the pain in your eyes.
I gave up but you never let me.
You were my steadfast support.
You two were the only witnesses of my tears.
You empathized with me.
You were cognizant of my agony.
You prayed for me and held me.
And today I do not know how to thank you.
Saying thank you would never be enough.
But because of you, I walk again,
I pursue my dream
I live again
I would not have survived it alone.
You gave me a new life.
You stopped living your life.
And took care of me the way a mother takes care of a child when he/she is sick-
completely, whole heartedly, selflessly, day and night.
No. Blood is not thicker than water.
When two souls care and love,
they surpass all bondings.

There is nothing more terrifying for a dancer than a feeling that she will not be able to dance again.
I owe it to my husband and my dear friend for holding me up when I could not walk.
The two of them held me, took care of me and are the only ones because of whom I continue my journey henceforth.
They say- a friend in need is a friend indeed. If you have one friend, who is there for you in time of your need, consider yourself most fortunate. I AM.