05 January, 2014

Pajama party

When Delhi women get together, they go to restaurants, wear designer labels, stand together for group picture in the same pose, get pictures clicked of their big bags that they are carrying. They may go clubbing for a bit. None of them would know dancing but they would just move or shake, standing in one place, while their eyes are hovering around for attention. No one really enjoys, no one really relaxes nor gets rejuvenated, they really do not care one bit for the girl standing next to them. But there would be, "Hi Dahlin, hi sweety, oh you are looking so pretty, muaah muah, I am coming back from London from a holiday, I am going to Europe next week and then they turn around and they gossip and bitch about the same person they were standing with. At the end of the day, they shop more, party more and feel even more lonely. They have many fakes in their wardrobe but not a single genuine friend, with whom they can reallllly chill and relax, be themselves in a pajama, pamper each other, spend the night talking to each other, go out to eat together and not care about splitting the bill, a friend, whom they can call in the middle of the night when they need them.
It is OK to have kitty friends and get monthly pictures clicked with them when you meet them. The pictures that you get clicked not for creating beautiful memories but to put on facebook to show (off) to others. 
You will be truly blessed if you have only one friend, with whom you can have a pajama party or a sleepover party, spend time just pampering each other. Slumber party is a fun way to let loose all your tensions and chill out with your friends. On a slumber party (pajama party), you can have loads and loads of fun, along with wholesome entertainment. It is one of the best ways to unwind yourself.
We were just relaxing together over the weekend. Doing each other's facial, nail paint, cooking for each other. While I made parathas for her, she made salad and poha for me. Of course, there were platters of munchies like cakes, nachos and popcorn during the girl talk time. It is too cold outside. We were cosily tucked in the room, inside the electric blanket. We did not go to a single mall, movie or restaurant. Yet, we had a ball of a time together. 

My pajamas and T: Old Navy