14 February, 2014

Match Much

Matchy-Matchy is an adjective used to describe something or someone excessively colour coordinated. It is a term that is commonly used in fashion blogs to describe an outfit that is too coordinated and consists of too many of the same types of colors, patterns, fabrics, accessories, etc. 

Are you the types who would match your shoes to your bag or your belt? Would you never dream of mixing gold with silver jewelry- like a gold watch with some silver accessory? Would you be in a head to toe leopard print? Match much concept or matchy matchy is a passé. I like Carrie Bradshaw's style where she could wear blue heels with a yellow dress. I like the look of experiment, the risk factor, the style statement, the head turning and shock value. I do not consider myself wild in any sense. I rather prefer simple, classic fashion. But matchy matchy is not me. This is not to say that I would never ever match or will not be caught dead in matching stuff. This just states that I would never make an attempt- a conscious effort to match. If it does, good, if it does not, even better. Not being matchy matchy adds fun, funk and spark to your style statement. In 2012, the word "matchy matchy" was coined against those whose idea of being well dressed was to coordinate the outfit. True style is when you have a knack of ingeniously putting together different pieces and combining them and portraying your own personality and persona. Matchy matchy defines you as the one who cannot think out of the box. Take it as a compliment when someone points- Hey what are you wearing? It does not go well with... or it is not matching. Your silent response should be, "Thank you". And then, no matter how much the other person coaxes you to change, silently and adamantly go ahead with what you have not matched much. Your look should not be "costume like"