28 April, 2014

10 typical Argentine habits

1. Argentines address everyone very informally, like a family. The 'vos' form is very common. They would use it even with Pope.

2. Argentine would greet everyone with a kiss. They would send kisses even in mail- "te mando un beso muy grande"- means - I send you a big kiss.

3. Bidet is a common fixture in every bathroom in Argentina. It is seldom found in India. It is their way of keeping "pudendas" clean.

4. Argentines share their mate. It is common to find friends sipping mate from the same cup and same straw. 

5. Argentines make best friends. They may fight and punch each other but they make up as quickly ever and are seen sitting on the table like a family and laughing over a meal. The really know how to love each other.

6. Argentine can cry with you over simple thing, hug you, laugh with you. They enjoy simple pleasures of life. They will complain forever about the economy and the government. But quickly change the topic and be laughing aloud. There would be no malice in their heart, no scheming and plotting. They would not even know what all that would mean. They are forever ready to share a joke, drink wine, share their meal. They need no reason to celebrate.

7. It is common to hear "Cheee" or "che" followed by boludo (asshole).

8. Having asado (barbeque) on Sunday is a norm.

9. Keeping a plastic bottle on the hood of a car means that the car is for sale.

10. Argentines believe that mixing wine with watermelon can kill a person. Just as we in India believe that having milk and watermelon can give us some disease.