21 April, 2014

Buenos Aires shopping

 As I have mentioned earlier, Buenos Aires is a shopper's delight. It is specially known for textiles and leather. There are great shops selling menswear. 

This is another popular brand there- La Martina.

Inside Cardon store. My husband, who is very particular about the brands, fits and fabrics, was quite impressed with the collection there. This is one store that he particularly like a lot. It is called Cardon. Pine floors, pine walls, and pine cabinets—it's all very country down at Cardon. The horsey set comes here for reasonably priced, no-nonsense sheepskin jackets, cashmere sweaters, and riding boots. Selections from the talabarterĂ­a (traditional gaucho-style leather items) line, including cowboy hats and a new spin on traditional silver encasing handbags, make great gifts.