14 April, 2014

Taking lessons with Dana Frigoli

If you are in Buenos Aires, and you want to learn Tango, the best place to go to is DNI. My favorite teacher there is Dana Frigoli. I have taken classes earlier also from her. Check the blog here. She is a terrific dancer, wonderful teacher and a very charming person. If you want to take privates from her, you must book in advance. She has a very busy schedule. Her school is amazing. It has multiple studios and very good teachers, from whom one can learn. She also has a store from where one can buy Tango shoes and dresses. They are very nice. There is a cafeteria which serves delicious and healthy food and of course, there is a free wi fi. You can easily spend all day in her school. 

Below I am with Dana's husband and her daughter Lumia. She is adorable. Looks just like a doll and watches Tango all day long. She is growing up listening to tango songs all day long. 

That adorable doll is Lumia. She is Dana's daughter.

Me and Dana. 

I am wearing a skirt. I have worn it earlier as dress here. I bought it in BA. it can be worn in many different ways.
T shirt: Gift from friend
Shoes: Mis Amores.