03 May, 2014

Things I observed and learnt in Buenos Aires as compared to India

I love the place, the country, the people of Argentina. They are chilled out, simple from the heart, fashionable, no airs, no show offs, pure fun, creative, good people. Taxi drivers, etc fleece you. Rather, everyone tries to. But that is besides the point. Let us try to overlook that.

Things that I observed and learnt there.

1. No brands- I have already written in a blog post that import duties are really high there. They try to encourage the local sales. The textiles, leather and other products you get there are very unique and very high quality. I think only Asians are very brand conscious. For us brands are status symbols. People are seen head to toe and judged according to brands they are wearing. Hence, there is so much fake in the market. Nothing like this in Buenos Aires. Everyone- men and women, dress up very nicely. Yet, I did not see brands. Their bags would be nice, pure leather bags. But they would not have brands screaming from them. Women would look gorgeous and sexy but not bitchy. They would wear dresses with super deep backs, thigh high slits and would look very comfortable in them. If the same are worn in Delhi, a woman will be labeled as sl**.  But in BA, it is a norm. No one does character assassination based on what they are wearing. Everyone looks equally sexy and charming.

2. Seeing a panty- In India, it is a very big thing if a panty is seen from under a woman's dress. In fact, it becomes a news. Top most media publishes it with a picture and focus on panty of a woman. It is considered malfunction. If it happens, men and women would discuss the color and shape of the panty they saw, for days. In BA, no one cares. Women wear beautiful dresses and skirts with slits. They comfortably sit, put their feet up on chair, change their shoes. They wear their high heels. No one notices or bothers. Women are not conscious . They are comfortable in their own skin. Whether, it is a teacher in a class, students, women in a milonga, no one cares to constantly pull their skirt down and cover them up so that their panty is not revealed. When they dance, specially in a show Tango, they throw high boleos. In India, such women would be labeled. But in BA, it is pure art. Nothing else. Come to think of it, is it really such a big thing? Worthy of being made a news?

3. Dressing up alike- In India, women are very conscious if in a party or a get together, another women wears the same shoes or same dress as hers. She would not like it. She would run and change or hide. It would be considered a fashion fiasco. In BA, in a milonga, many women are wearing same Comme il faut's, same dressess from Tango imagen, same tops, same pants etc. No one cares.

What they care for, is their dancing. That is never same. That gives a high. That is all that matters. People who do not dance Tango, will not understand all this. They would be still involved in panty, brands, same dress. But for tango lovers, all this is trivial. They live in another beautiful world. World beyond any bitching, gossiping, character assassinations, judging. World of Tango.