08 May, 2014

Tren del fin del Mundo- End of the World Train

Only 7 miles (11 km) outside of Ushuaia lies Tierra del Fuego National Park, a stunning national park that is truly located at the end of the world – it’s the southernmost national park on the planet!

Departing Ushuaia, you'll immediately begin to see a change in scenery as you drive past picturesque Patagonian lakes, lagoons and rivers – bodies of water that all exit through the famous Beagle Channel. Passing Mt. Susana, you'll arrive at the old prison, now the site of the Southern Fuegian Railway (also known as the End of the World Train).

The train will leave the station along the route of the old railway, when it once held prisoners who chopped timber from the forest and returned it to Ushuaia to construct buildings and provide warmth to its citizens. Along the way, you will cross bridges and peat bogs.

The End of the World Train will stop at Macarena Waterfall Station, where you can learn about the indigenous Yamana People or climb to a viewpoint before continuing on through Tierra del Fuego National Park. The journey ends near the location where an old Lombardich Sawmill once processed timber.

Then, continue through the valley towards Ensenada Bay, where you´ll be able to contemplate the Redonda and Estorbo Islands as well as the snow-white mountains of the Sampaio Chain on the other coast of the Channel of Beagle in Chile.

You'll also go on a long walk by the coast of Roca Lake and and walk along the Lapataia River. From this point, we can see the Cóndor Hill natural border with Chile. The tour finishes with stops at the Green Lagoon and the Black Lagoon just before heading to Lapataia Bay.

Journey outside of Ushuaia to ride the of The End of the World Train and visit the magnificent Tierra del Fuego National Park. Ride on the southernmost functioning railway in the world and discover the mythical scenery of lakes, lagoons and rivers.


Ride on the Southern Fuegian Railway, once used by Ushuaia prisoners more than 100 years ago!
Admire picturesque Ensenada Bay and its beautiful islands
Walk by the Roca Lake coast and along the Lapataia River
Discover Lapataia Bay and breathtaking Patagonian scenery

It was nice to see flag of India here.