30 June, 2014

Day with little children in Fun park

This is the cutest love story. Straight out of fairy tales but as real as it can be. Yesterday what I witnessed was truly inspiring. It was the best ever kind of beginning of wedding celebrations.
First read the love story and how and where it started here. Tango brought them together. I have known my friend/client/ lawyer for years now. She is absolutely inspirational in every which way. In fact, the whole family is inspirational.
Yesterday, their wedding celebrations began. They took children of two orphanages to a fun park. The whole fun park was booked only for these children from morning till afternoon on Sunday morning. There were more than 1000 children, enjoying unlimited rides, food, cold drinks etc.
What an incredible idea. People spend so much on weddings. The kind of pure laughter and joy I witnessed yesterday, I had never seen before. The whole family and their friends were involved. Everyone was taking rides and eating with children. Her dad was keenly looking after each and every small detail being well taken care of. Her mom was enjoying rides with kids. Her old grand father was super happy and excited and taking ride in a cart to see everyone. The bride and groom were taking rides with children. If we all do things like these, world will be such a happy place.

First there was a great Puja ceremony. A stage was set up. Below bride (on right) with her mom, groom and sister.

After pooja, they took blessings from everyone.

See how cutely they are sitting, with folded hands and doing pooja with utmost sincerity. I must add, all the children were so well behaved, so neatly dressed and the best part- they enjoyed so much. 

There was very big food stall where lunch was served. It was one of the best meals I ever had. Pure vegetarian and with lots of happy faces around.

Truly inspired and motivated. God Bless the whole family with a world of happiness.