16 June, 2014

Random ramblings

I have three sets of people in my life

1. People whom I admire and like- They have definitely earned it through their positive traits.

  • fit and healthy
  • have passions that they follow
  • disciplined in life
  • punctual- respect their own time and others.
  • warm and caring
  • humble and down to earth

2. People I dislike - They have also earned it through their negative traits- like: 

  • indisciplined life
  • callous attitude
  • unpunctual
  • unhealthy
  • no passions in life
  • fake
  • unkempt
  • irresponsible
  • loud and abusive

3. People I do not care about.

They do not exist for me. Their thought does not cross my mind.

It is easy for me to switch a person from one category to the other. All one has to do is show me their one side or the other. I might admire someone today but tomorrow if I notice the negative traits, I might dislike that person or put him/her in- do not care, category. Similarly, I might start admiring someone whom I disliked or did not care about earlier. So it is not the person. It is more of the habits and traits that attract me or put me off. There are few things I cannot stand, support or that put me off and there are others that attract me like a magnet.
I am super selective about who I want to be in my periphery and who I would not allow. It takes a minute, a deed, a word, for me to switch off or maybe, on.

On a completely different note

Few fashion faux pas 

1. When accessorizing, less is more. Do not overdo. Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” -Coco Chanel
2. Match much is a passe. 
3. A bit of shine can do no wrong but a lot of shine will only do wrong. Avoid bling overload.
4. Avoid panty lines showing.
5. Avoid bra straps hanging out. It is sexy to wear a nice bra under transparent blouse. But it is obscene to let the bra straps show.
6. If you have bulky arms, avoid sleeveless. It is an ugly sight. If you have muffin tops, do not wear a crop top or low waist. 
7. If you are a women, dress and behave like a woman. Being feminine is fashionable.

Here I would quote my teacher giving me example of Argentine Tanguera, who according to me is the ultimate fashion diva. He told me that, "in earlier days, Argentine women was taught by her grandmother to be tanguera 24/7 not just when she entered a milonga. She had perfectly polished nails, make up, hair in place, gorgeous heels and she walked always like a tanguera." Even today, I find women in milongas immaculate and perfect. I have never witnessed any fashion faux pas in a milonga. Tango brings that grace in you.
A real tanguera is not just graceful on the dance floor but even in her day to day life.