08 June, 2014

Review Bomb Cosmetics pedicure

Today I got a pedicure done by Bomb cosmetics. I was fascinated to see their products- soaps, creams, scrub, etc. They looked so edible. The soaps looked like delicious cup cakes and the scrubs and creams appeared to be like ice creams in a tub. I wanted to try how effective and different they were from a regular pedicure. 
My review: I was not disappointed. The products were of course, visually very appealing. They also left a yummy fragrance. They left the skin very smooth and supple. The products are expensive. But for trying one time, they are worth it. If you are in a mood to pamper yourself, have legs and feet soft, supple and fragrant, then you should try these.
Will I repeat them? Maybe, maybe not. When I do want such a yummy experience, then maybe.