13 June, 2014

To accept or not to accept.

In love one should "accept" the other person the way he or she is. How true is it? In my opinion, it is compromise. Should you compromise in a relationship? Should the basis of a relation be sacrifice? I think relationship should be based on mutual respect and care. It is very important for me to admire, adore, to be perplexed, be awestruck, and respect the person I love. I have to see qualities. I do not want to "just accept" the person the way he/ she is. Everyday I want to be amazed with the positive traits. I want to learn new things from my partner, be proud of the person. There should be admiration, adulation, placing the person on high pedestal. The aura should be positive and brimming with energy.
Acceptance is temporary. You can accept the person momentarily. Let go of the mistakes once in a while. But you cannot accept for good. Sooner or later you give up. What is better acceptance or admiration? 
Fall in love with someone whom you can admire, trust, respect. Not with someone whom you have to accept. 
In life, we have relationships which we have to accept. There is no way out of them. These can be your blood relations. But when you choose to be in a relation, when you choose to be in love, do not accept. Admire.