28 July, 2014

Best grocery shop in Delhi

In Delhi, we have very high end grocery shops where you get all imported products, exotic cheese, wines etc. Here are list of super expensive grocery stores. They have more hype and no value for money.
Nature's Basket by Godrej.
Then we have some Reliance fresh.
We have Modern Bazaar in Select City walk and Vasant Vihar.
We have age old, Morning store in GK-1, M block market.
We have Le Marche by Sugar and spice.
The latest high end grocery store is Foodhall.
Also in Mehar Chand Market, there is this Kirana store. It is supposed to be organic store. Frankly, I was disappointed with it. It had read so much about it. Similar was my experience with The Altitude store.

There are kiryana shops (grocery shops) in Yusuf Sarai market. Some of them sell things at whole sale prices, sometimes below marked price. These are pocket friendly.

Here is my recommendation. This is a small store. It is not advertised much. In fact, it is not advertised at all. It is very modest. They bake fresh breads, cookies, etc, fresh namkeens, the masalas are ground right there and are very pure. You get best atta (wheat), bran and other different types of flours. It does not have over the top, expensive, imported goods, it is eco friendly, pure and very trust worthy.
This is a shop called Matri. It is inside Mother International school, on Aurobindo marg. It is run by Auroville Ashram. Adjoining, there is also another shop which sells incense, etc. The best incense sticks that I have ever used. You can be rest assured that whatever profit they earn, is going towards the right cause.