14 July, 2014

Delhi party vs party in Argentina

Recently I attended a party in a night club. What particularly stuck me there was a sad state of Indian parties. It was a happening night club in Delhi with state of art music, DJ doing his best job, neon flash lights, crowd of 500 people dressed in expensive designer clothes, lavish bar, BUT no one enjoying or no one knew how to really enjoy. Everyone stood with drinks in their hands and looked at each other for inspiration. People were making such an effort to pretend to look happy, to strike a conversation. No one danced. Everyone faced the centre of dance floor to see if someone would dance. It was a depressing sight. In such parties, Delhites try to network. But that also does not happen effectively. In fact, nothing happens except wastage of time.
Compare it to a milonga in Buenos Aires. 400 people in a moderate set up, everyone dressed up nicely but not over the top designer clothes, everyone smells good, it would be old place, small tables and chairs, moderate sound system, tango dj playing music from the lap top, a bar which would not be very expensive. The difference is- everyone will be on floor dancing. No one would be "just looking for an inspiration". No one would be bored. No one would be there with an agenda to network and drink and waste time. Positive energy, happiness throughout. You would come out feeling accomplished and complete rather than drained and empty.

Here are some pictures of the party that I attended. In dark, these are the best I could get with my phone.

Notice how people are standing on the sides, facing the dance floor- gaping at emptiness. 

I realized that our Bollywood movies have contributed a lot in promoting this kind of culture of partying. What is shown in Indian movies is a club where pre choreographed dancing happens in sync. Like in the video below

Of course, it is never possible in real life. In real life, people go to clubs hoping for something like this and just stand gaping at each other with a glass in hand. People want to enjoy but do not know how to.

On the contrary, this is what happens in a milonga in Buenos Aires.