01 July, 2014

Fitness for women

1. What basic fitness regime would you suggest for working women (sedentary lifestyle and hectic lifestyle) ?
For women with different lifestyles, I would say, choose a regimen, that you find interesting and should look forward to it on everyday basis. It should be enjoyable not just for mind but also body. You could opt for a yoga class, go for a walk or swim or aqua aerobics, join pilates class, tai chi, zumba, the latest craze these days is Doonya workout- based on Bollywood fitness and Tangolates- a fabulous mix of Tango and pilates. If your trainer can provide you a mixed workout, it is the best. Very few trainers, though, are qualified for so many different fitness activities. Join with a trainer who can customize your workout plan according to your own needs. He/she should take into account your lifestyle, your body type, your fitness goals and interests and of course, your fitness levels.
If you have a very hectic lifestyle, your fitness sessions will be at different hours. Maybe early in the morning to adjust to your busy day ahead.
Also the intensity of your workout would vary according to your lifestyle- hectic or sedentary. Do you want some soothing, relaxing, rejuvenating exercises like yoga, pilates, tai chi and aqua because of your stressful routine or do you want peppy, robust and energetic workout like aerobics, kickboxing, boot camp because the rest your day is sedentary ad easy. Many factors have to be kept in mind while designing a workout plan for a woman- her age, he lifestyle and choices, whether she is nearing menopause or has just delivered a baby or is planning to conceive or maybe get married.

2. What are the basic food elements that every woman should incorporate in their daily diet?
A healthy, well balanced and nutritious diet is a must. It must have the right amount of protein, calcium, Multi vitamins, minerals, water and carbohydrates. Again it depends on fitness goals, age and lifestyle. Does she have time to sit in the sun and get her vitamin D or will she need to take it through a supplement? Is she dieting and working out too hard and hence needs extra supplements or is she making the right food choices? Is she having good amount of fruits and vegetables? Is she vegetarian or non vegetarian? How many times a week does she go out and binge? Are the basic requirements being met? If she is nearing menopause, she has added risk of arthritis. Is she taking milk and milk products? Or supplements of Calcium with magnesium for its absorption. Does she do weight training also? Food and workout go hand in hand and have to be carefully selected and designed as per an individual's needs.
3. What kind of fitness activities can help women to cope up with stress?
Meditation, yoga, pilates, tai chi. Sometimes when a woman loves dancing, activities like zumba, aerobics, etc, release happy hormones called endorphins. These also keep the stress at bay. An hour is spent with a trainer. This trainer has to make sure to fill her with positivity and vibrance. The workout should not be a task or a chore that she detests doing. It should be something that she enjoys and looks forward to. She should feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of her session. It should feel like a party time. It does not mean that it should be very easy and ineffective. It should be carefully planned, designed and customized.
4. What lifestyle changes every woman should make?
Try to get sufficient sleep, eat meals regularly, have supplements if needed. Take time out for your workout. Spend on a trainer. It is a good investment on yourself. Treat yourself special. Stop sacrificing forever. Give yourself and your health some priority. If you are healthy and fit, you will be able to look after your family better. Learn to relax. Destress. Detoxify. Breathe and live.
5. Tell us three dos and don'ts for a healthy body and mind
1. Do an activity you really enjoy the most. Do not be shy of taking up a new activity, learning a new dance form, joining a studio or a personal fitness trainer.
2. Eat right. Sleep right. Exercise and meditate. Take time for yourself.
3. Live in present.


Neglect yourself. Or out yourself at the end of the priority list.
Don't be a football of other people's opinions. Do what is right and what you want to do.
Don't live in guilt. Don't live in past or future. live in Present and you will be forever happy.

There are 3 things associated with past- anger, guilt and sadness. There are 3 things associated with future- anxiety, fear and expectation. If you live in present- Now- in the moment, you will only be happy. Nothing else