07 July, 2014

Punjabi day celebrations

Today morning the theme was Punjabi day. OMG what a theme. It was planned and executed so well. Even the bar was set like a Punjabi bar. There was a rickshaw, a jhoola (swing), charkha, punjabi dancers, punjabi food- chaat, golgappe, all punjabi cuisine, mehendi, chaarpai (a kind of bed woven with jute ropes), mooda (punjabi chairs),  girls wearing phulkari, parandi. Perfect lunch theme. I am enjoying this wedding so much. It is very dear to my heart. The bride, the groom, the bride's family are just SO NICE. For them, only prayers and good wishes come from the heart.
The wedding celebrations are being held like some Bollywood movie.  Lots of love and involvement of friends and family members.

The decor. See the bar behind. There is also a well, a charpai with lots of pagdis that were tied to all men.



Punjabi folk dancers

The bride to be.

The groom to be.

Both of them on a rickshaw.

Punjabi dances.