02 July, 2014

Sports specific snacks

Different activities require different snacks. Whether it is high endurance sport like soccer or basketball, which requires high energy snack or a different sport as cricket.
For long, intense sport, for which high endurance energy is needed, you need snacks with potassium, sodium and carbohydrate. These sports can be like running, swimming, cycling, etc where for long intervals you need high energy.

These snacks can be
Banana with almond pr peanut butter.
smoothie- cranberry juice or grape juice, yogurt, bananas, strawberries.
Apple with cheese

Snacks for high energy sports like basketball, soccer
fuits- mango, banana, grapes
Lean chicken breast grilled
grilled fish
tuna fish sandwich
cheese- mozarella, or string cheese
toned or skimmed milk
oatmeal or muesli
soy milk

Snacks for sports with short bursts of activity- baseball, football
yogurt with fruits

Lots of water is must. Coconut water, lemon water, glucose water are good.


high sugar
aerated drinks
artificial colors
high fructose corn syrups

Things to have
fresh fruits and vegetables like baby carrots, broccoli
low protein

avoid calorie dense food. have nutrient dense food