20 August, 2014

Google vs Bing

We all know about Google. In fact, now we do not even say "search it". We just say, "google it".
But of late I have been using Bing a lot. I have to admit, it is better than google. It gives more appropriate and intelligent results. It is strange to see how google has captured the big market and we do not research beyond google. We feel that google is answer to everything. It is not true. Ever since, I changed my search engine to bing, I have felt the difference. In the search bar on top, you have three options (in Mac) search through google, bing or yahoo. Ever since I switched to bing, my search results are more appropriate, intelligent and accurate. I feel more empowered. I know google has become part of our lives. But try switching to bing and notice the change and the difference. Now google has become too commercialized with ads taking its prime space. Similarly facebook is super commercialized. You see only paid ads. Switch to something more authentic and credible.