18 September, 2014

Review: ColorBar Lipcolor. Take me as I am

ColorBar lipcolor- Take me as I am- Mischievous Wine, is a pencil. It needs to be sharpened often with a sharpener. It is a nice red color that lasts long. What I do not like about it, is that because it is too creamy and oily, it kind of bleeds. One would have to outline with another lip pencil separately so that this color stays. It does stay long but after sometime, it fades away quite unevenly. It is not one of my favorite color. I might use it once in a while, because it is a different red- like wine red. The color does seem too gaudy and takes away the soft look. I am also not too happy about its texture or quality. It is a task to sharpen the pencil. Some of the lip color is just wasted while sharpening. The sales girl was quite persuasive and said, "these days, people prefer lip pencils". Personally, I prefer lip sticks or lip gloss.