23 September, 2014

Snacks that you can pack in your bag


Uncut fruits- apple, pear etc are good
Also you can pack dry fruits and nuts in a zip lock or even roasted chanas or roasted bajra in a zip lock.
Healthy protein bars are great. My friend shared this recipe with me. It is fabulous. It is simple, easy and healthy.

Take 1-1/3rd cup dried pitted dates
1cup cashews
1cup walnuts / any other nuts
 Vanilla extract - estimate
1cup dried blueberries / whatever dried fruit you like. I used cranberries today but probably get something else for my next one.

Blend this well. It will get sticky. If not, add 2 spoons of water.

Then in a flat ziplock box, flatten this and keep it in the fridge for a few hours and cut into cubes. That is it! :)

Benefits of all these snacks- 
These keep hunger pangs and binging at bay. You do not crave for unhealthy, oily foods.
These are simple and nutritious.
These are dry snacks that fit in your bag
These keep your metabolism high

These give you enough energy and are full of essential nutrients and fibre.

The strictly no foods are 
fried snacks- pakoras, etc
High on sweet snacks
Snacks with artificial sweetners and the one that claim low fat, low sugar etc
snacking on junk is bad- finger fries, chips, etc