30 October, 2014

16 Innovative uses of a grater. DIY

Kitchen utensils like a grater can be used in many ways, not just to grate things. Let us see some innovative uses of humble grater.
1. To grate/shred your jeans.
2. To decorate flowers outdoors.

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4. To make an innovative chandelier. 

6. To light candles.

7. To hang kitchen towel.

8. As Christmas decoration.

9. Pen/pencil holder

10. To stack spoons and laddles.

11. To give message to your friend that "he/she is a grate friend".

12.  Decorate flowers on the table.

13. To store your jewelry, specially your pretty earrings.

15. As a table lamp

16. To create wind chimes along with your silverware.


  1. OMG so adorable ideas babe
    Maggie D.
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  2. Your post has been featured in DIY Collectives. Check it out @ http://adda.at/DIY-BA

  3. Sooper idea... Very creative...
    Loved these!