04 October, 2014

4 ways of creating good Karmas

As you sow, so shall you reap. Geeta and Mahabharat talk in detail about Karma. Karma, according to Indian philosophy are your deeds, words, actions, feelings, intentions, that are in present moment and based on that, our future is shaped up. Wrong and bad deeds will automatically have impact on your future. Good deeds, love, caring and sharing will not just give you happiness and peace but also better future.
Indian philosophy which believes in life after death, say that your Karma has influence even in our next birth. People suffer because of misdeeds done in the previous birth. There are ways to create good karma. These are:

1. Think positive: Your thoughts define your actions. Have no evil, see no evil, do no evil. Thinking positive about people, situations, life will have positive effect. One can eliminate negativity by positive thoughts.

2. Spread goodness: You can win over evil by being kind, by good deeds. Ignore negativity. Stay away from everything negative.

3. Empathize: This helps you to understand the other person's pain, misfortune, sadness, bad behavior or deeds.

4. Chose your company wisely: Man is known by the company that he keeps. As written above, stay away from negative people. Have no malice for them but stay away from them. Negative people, will effect your thought and deeds. To have good Karma, it is important to stay positive, happy, peaceful and be kind. 

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