20 October, 2014

Different kinds of sari drapes

Sari is not just yards of fabric. It is draped in many ways in India. And now celebrities are also experimenting with various drapes and giving it, its own twist and turns.

You can opt for classic Seedha palla- the palla comes on the right shoulder.

This style is worn more often in Gujarat. 

This is tightly draped sari with palla pinned tightly on the left shoulder.

Here is a variant of semi stitched sari. The palla is ready and stitched.

Free flowing saree. Here the palla is left to flow freely instead of it being pinned.

This is a more covered version. The palla goes around and covers both the shoulders.

The bengali drape

Kodagu style- worn by women of Karnataka.

The famous mumtaz drape- The double drape saree.

Lehenga sari

Very modern dhoti drape.

The Maharashtian style drape. This style does not require a petticoat. It is draped like a dhoti.

Mekhela Chador from Assam- Assamese drape saree. It is a two piece sari made of beautiful muga silk.

Kerala’sMundum-Neryathum. This too is two piece.

If you know of more variations, do share with us.


  1. These are all so beautiful! I didn't realize there was so much versatility.

  2. Such an interesting post Kiran! I love the look of you in the Lehenga Sari!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  3. Lovely! Seems like i would like to have my own sari:)