28 October, 2014

How to get full night's sleep and rest in 20 minutes

We lead a stressful and busy lifestyle. It is survival of he fittest. We develop strategies to beat the daily stresses. Sometimes it is meditation, sometimes chanting, deep breathing, etc. What we seek is peace and tranquility- peaceful mind, body and soul.
Here is a tip that will help you completely relax and rejuvenate. In 20 minute, you can be as refreshed as if you got full night's sleep. This Yoga mudra is called Viparita Karani mudra. It is legs up on the wall. You can place a small pillow under your lower back. Light up a nice fragrance of your choice. Indulge in some aroma therapy. Close your eyes, deep breathe and let relaxation penetrate in each cell of your body. Take your's mind's eye to each part of the body and let it relax completely. Lie down in this pose till you actually feel the body, heart and mind relaxed. There should be no tension neither in mind nor the body. The mind should stop wandering.
Viparita Karani mudra is a soothing posture. It restores you. It is an inverted posture. Hence, the blood flow is anti gravity. Also the blood flow is towards the head, the brain. If you are very fatigued, doing this helps to calm the nervous system. It is antidote to anxiety, depression and stress.
You lie down peacefully and enter an introspective realm. You are able to go deeper within and connect with yourself. When you get up, observe within yourself. You will feel softer, calmer and would have more gratitude. You will be centered and grounded.

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  1. Thankyou so much for sharing this. I am going to try this today. Jgd