22 October, 2014

How to wear heels for long without getting tired

As a dancer and as a fitness trainer, I am quite aware of the feet, the right shoes, which heels to choose, how to wear heels, how to take care of the feet. Here I will share some of my insights.

Every woman wants to wear heels. They make you look and feel sexy. They give a long and lean look.
But most woman, cannot wear heels because they find them very uncomfortable or they are not used to wearing heels. Sometimes you end up buying wrongs heels which lie in one corner catching dust.
Most of you are aware of what to look for in sports and fitness shoes. That is no difficult choice- flat, comfortable, light, airy shoes that support you well. Yeah if they look good, that is an added bonus.
But majority of women go wrong when they come to picking high heels. What they think should be comfortable end up being very uncomfortable and atrocious pair of shoes.

1. Open from front- If you chose shoes that are too narrow from front, pointed toes, then you are doing a mistake. If you want to be comfortable in your shoes, choose the ones which are either open from front of peep toes.

Notice the extra padding and cushioning in front and towards the heel. Notice the insole lining.

2.  Flat from front with nice cushioning- Read it carefully. This is wear majority of women go wrong. If you thought that pumps, blocks, clogs, wedges, platforms are more comfortable, you need to take a reality check. They are not just ugly but uncomfortable. Think about it- why dancers can wear their heels for long time and dance in them and have great posture and walk? Observe any woman walking in pumps or platform. Her walk is wobbly and her feet and back is tired. Choose the shoes that are flat from front and that have good cushioning in front. Your feet will never be tired. You will look stunning and elegant.

3. Avoid slip ons - They are easy to just wear and go. No tie ups, lace or buckle. But they are not comfortable. They flip flop. They do not support the ankle and the heel cage. Try to buckle up your ankle and heel cage. It looks pretty and it is very sturdy.

4. Choose the right size- A little tight, little small, or big is not good. You should have your perfect size. Hand made, customized, made to order shoes go a long way.

5. Look for shoes with a tip of rubber on the heel.

6. Take a break from your heels time to time by slipping into your flats- If you have to stand in your heel all day long, try to slip into your flats from time to time.

7. Last but not the least treasure and cherish your shoes. Store them well, neatly in boxes and inside tissues. They will go a long way.

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