08 October, 2014

Understand and know why you cannot lose weight

Have you ever given a thought to why you cannot lose weight? You have blamed it on your heavy bones, water retention, your diet and not exercising. Have you ever given much thought to your adrenal glands. These tiny glands effect our ability to deal with stress, they also effect growth and our digestive system. They produce many hormones and effect our kidneys. These tiny glands also effect our cardiovascular system or our cardiovascular endurance or in lay man's language our energy levels. That in turn effects the weight.

 Whenever, you are stressed, the adrenal glands have to come to action which leads to weight gain. Your energy levels go low and your digestive system does not function efficiently. Exercising on the other hand releases happy hormones or endorphins which leads to weight loss.

If you are stressed for a long time, cortisol is released from adrenal glands. This causes serious damages to the body. It leads to high blood pressure and stomach ulcers.
With chronic stress, adrenal glands are incapable of producing sufficient cortisol. Person remains constantly tired and has low blood sugar.

That is why Yoga, meditation, breathing and exercising de stresses you and keeps your adrenal levels in check. The bottom line is, remain stress free. This will keep you healthy and fit.

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