02 November, 2014

10 Do's and Don'ts of a first date

There are many unsaid rules when you go on a romantic date. If you are experienced, probably you have mastered the rules. But if you are a first timer, you should know about these unsaid rules.
You have seen romantic dates in movies and according to that you have some fantasies like violins playing, rose petals, diamond ring popping out of a champagne glass, sunset, cruise, candle light etc.
However, the reality might be a different. There are other things to be taken care of e.g table manners, right conversation, etc.

1. Table manners- From using the right silverware to not keeping elbows on the table, there is a lot when we talk about table manners. Our grandmothers taught us to close our mouth and eat. What they did not tell us is that do not keep looking at your mobile while you are on a date. Open the napkin delicately and place it on your lap. Hold a glass tenderly. Wine glass is held differently from a glass of water. Eat food delicately and make sure that you do not create a mess. Do use forks, chopsticks, etc and avoid eating with hands. Specially when it is something like a pizza.

2. Choosing the venue- It should be decided with mutual consent keeping interest of both in mind.

3. Do not order too much (just to impress) nor too less. Do not over eat but also do not say that you are dieting and hence not eating. A good rule is- be yourself.

4. Try to avoid eating raw onions or chewing beetle after food. By doing this, you are ruining all your chances of a good night kiss.

5. Do not get drunk. It is very uncool.

6. Try to pay attention to the conversation and try to take part in healthy, witty, humorous conversation. Refrain from making sexual comments or cracking vulgar jokes. Do not sound too opinionated.

7. Who pays the bill? - A gentleman will always be the one, to offer. But if the woman wants to split, then that is also acceptable. What is not acceptable is that man makes the woman pay on a first date.

8. Picking your date from home and dropping her back is another good trait that will earn the man brownie points.

9. The man should definitely open the door for her and pull a chair for her.

10. Man should refrain from checking other girls and vice versa. Giving undivided attention to your date should be prime concern.

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