13 November, 2014

10 Substitutes and ways to eat whatever you want

There are ways you can eat whatever you want and substitute with healthy options that will satisfy your taste buds. Here are some tips and tricks.

1. To substitute sugar, have dates or other fruits, Prunes or raisins can also curb your cravings for sugar. Make your milkshakes with dates instead of sugar. Or add other fruits like strawberries, apples, etc.

2. Spread avocado paste or mint chutney on your sandwiches instead of butter and mayo.

3. Try baking instead of frying. If you want to have french fries, try to bake long, nicely cut zucchini.

4. Make your own dips like hung curd  or Greek yogurt,etc.

5. Freeze grapes and eat them like candy.

6. Instead of adding starch and cream to soup to make them thick, add potatoes.

7. Have quinoa instead of rice.

8. Use lettuce instead of tortillas.

9. Make flour less brownie and cake using black beans instead of flour.

10. Instead of sugar loaded mock tails, go for fresh lime, load it with slices of cucumber or mint.


  1. Great substitutes...it will definitely help me to keep my weight in check...I'm crazy for such tips :)