15 November, 2014

10 sure remedies for Acidity

People who are constantly dieting/eating less, often have acidity. Eating stale food also causes acidity. It causes heart burn and reflux.
There are certain home remedies for acidity.

1. Mix ajwain (carraway seeds), black salt and misri. Chew it whenever you have acidity.
2. Before and after meals, for 40 minutes do not have water. Instead have buttermilk, etc.
3. Boil milk with cardamon at night. Keep it overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning have chilled milk. Add lots of ice to it.
4. Have aloe vera juice.
5. Bananas contain antacids. Have bananas. Apples are also helpful
6. Have ginger tea.
7. Avoid smoking and alcohol.
8. Have almonds.
9. Have a cup of chamomile.
10. Mustard is alkaline. Have little mustard seeds.

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