29 November, 2014

10 surprising reasons why people did not make love on their wedding night

According to a survey, many people did not make love on their wedding night. Here are few reasons:

1. The wedding rituals, customs and traditions according to their community or religion did not permit them to spend the first night together.

2. The girl had periods.

3. The couple was too exhausted after all the wedding ceremonies.

4. The girl was too drunk or the guy was too drunk or had hangover after the bachelor's party.

5. The couple did not have enough privacy because of many wedding guests, friends and family.

6. The couple had a fight. One of them was too upset.

7. The couple spent the night on a plane as they headed straight to their honeymoon.

8. The couple never got back to their room. They continued to party.

9. The couple had to watch kids. (If they already have kids).

10. The bride was not feeling comfortable.