20 November, 2014

14 super useful tips and tricks with iPhone

Here are few things about iPhone that you might not know.

1. To take a screenshot, press the Home button and the on/off button together.

2. When you click and hold the capture button, it takes continuous shots till you leave the button. So thats your sports mode. Then you can select which shot you like the best. As you can see in picture below, it captured 59 images.

3. To take a selfie, press the volume button on the side.

4. To undo a message or email or edit photos, just shake the phone. This option will come up. It says, "Undo Typing".

5. When you are typing a message and you want to put"full stop". Just press space bar twice.

6. The phone charges much faster when you put it on airplane mode.

7. If you want a flash light on, every time you receive a message, go to settings >general > accessibility. Then scroll down to turn on "LED Flash for alerts"

8. You can set a timer to auto turn off the music when you fall asleep. To do this, Go to the clock application. Click timer icon on the right. Set it for as long as you want the music to play. Now tap when the timer ends. Scroll down and press stop playing.

9. Do you want to know, what flights are flying above you now? Ask Siri to tell you, "what flights are overhead"? This is what I found.

10. Do you want your phone to read you your text messages? Go to Settings > General > accessibility and then turn on the "Speak Selection". Now whenever you highlight a text, it will give you an option to hear spoken by iPhone.

11. If you want to customize the vibrations so that you know for which person, there is a different vibration, go to Setting > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Then create new vibration.

12. If you are browsing the web, to choose a suffix- .com, .in, etc, click and hold "." It will give you options to select.

13. To create shortcuts, go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Shortcuts > add new shortcuts. Now type full phrase of what you want your shortcut to be. Volla! from now, you just have to type a shortcut and full phrase will appear.

14. Slide your messages to left to view the time.

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