11 November, 2014

15 celebrity closets that will make your jaw drop

Check out these celebrity closets. They will make your jaw drop. They are super stylish, lavish and luxe. 

1. Jessica Alba

2. Jenna Lyon

Below are closets of 
3. Yolanda Foster and
4. Christina Aguilera- Her closet has a leopard print carpet, pink shelves and deep red velvet curtains.

5. Above and below is closet of Guiliana Rancic. It has an island storage in the centre.

6. Kelly Wearstler has natural skylight coming in her closet.

7. Nanette Lepore has beautiful mirrors, chest of drawers and chandeliers in her closet. She also has leopard print chairs and a blue puffy thrown in the centre.

8. Yolanda Foster has her home in Malibu, CA. Her closet is nothing less than a full store. 

9. Jillian Harris has a full room for her closet

10. Elton John

11. Whitney Port has wallpaper with green leaves

12. Mariah Carey
13. Eva Longoria
14. Nicky Hilton

15. Rachel Zoe has a room sized closet

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