05 November, 2014

Body issues

Everyone notices flaws in their bodies. Everyone focuses on imperfections. Try to focus on your positive traits. Different people have different issues with their bodies. Here are usual body issues that people have:

1. I am overweight.
2. My hips/thighs/legs are too big/ too fat
3. My stomach is out
4. My chest is too big.
5. My arms are fat.
6. I have a double chin.
7. I have tyres/ love handles.
8. I am too thin.
9. I wish I had boobs. I am so flat.
10. I have bad skin. I wish I had flawless skin.

Focus on positive. Think about

1. How intelligent you are.
2. How well you speak/converse.
3. How well you write/cook/dance/etc.
4. How well and stylish you dress up.
5. How blessed you are.

To overcome your body issues, workout regularly. Eat healthy. Workout not to lose weight but to feel good and be fit. Eat healthy because you love your body and yourself. All the rest will follow. 

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