27 November, 2014

Do you want to know what Ali Mirza said about Sonali?

Today in the house of Big Boss, the whole house ganged up against Ali Mirza. Puneet called the entire house and collected them in the sleeping area. He kept saying that Ali has been saying something very derogatory about Sonali, specially when Lisa Haydon had come. The remark was so disgraceful that it made Sonali furious and in fit of rage, she slapped him hard on his face.
Every housemate took her side and no one found her to be at fault.
Apparently, our source tells us that the remark was so disgraceful and said in such hushed tones that it cannot even be aired on a national television. He has made some very cheap and disrespectful comment about her. It is totally against the dignity of a lady. No wonder Sonali could not take it lying low. Still as we said earlier, physical violence is against the norms of the house and is not tolerated.

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