14 November, 2014

Do's and don'ts in the morning to make or mar your day

Kiran- means sunshine. It is really important for us. Not just for Vitamin D, to make our bones strong but also to make our day bright and cheery. Doing sun salutation facing the sun is very beneficial. But if you cannot manage that, do try to get 20-30 minutes of sunshine and sunlight in the morning. Sleeping for too late with curtains drawn,, waking up late, with a hangover, heading from bedroom to shower to your office in your car, will not expose you to any sunlight. This will slow down your metabolism. The exposure to sunlight improves your digestion and energy levels. So read your morning newspaper, drink your morning tea/coffee out in sunshine- in your garden, patio or balcony.  

Drink water in the morning. It will elevate not just your metabolism, digestion but also your mood. You will be happier and full of energy

Do not workout empty stomach- This is not to say that workout after having full heavy meal. Have a fruit or a protein shake.
Before leaving for work, do have breakfast. You will work better throughout the day. Eat healthy first thing in the morning.

Meditate in the morning and your day will go like a breeze of fresh air. 


  1. Nice tips to start the day with :) I'll stay tuned for more health and workout tips :*

  2. Thanku for nice tips😅 Fully agreed