21 November, 2014

Famed designer Sandeep Khosla, made a nasty comment about Arpita Khan's looks

Arpita Khan is an adopted kid by Salman Khan's family. The family brought her home from streets and adopted her. The whole family adores her. Specially, her brother Sallu. They believe that she brought a lot of good luck.  She is a Hindu was not made to change her religion. She even married the Hindu way, to a Hindu boy. 
Her trousseau was customized by the famed duo designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla. They are known for their high headedness. They never accept a flaw in their own creation and if someone does not like their creation,  they blame the wearer for not being able to carry it well. They tried the same with Arpita. Poor girl has been getting a lot of flak for her looks. 
Apparently, when Arpita Khan did not like her wedding lehenga in first go, Sandeep Khosla told her on her face that that there was no problem with the lehenga but with her size and shape. Obviously, she was very hurt and was in tears. Salman, who dotes on his sister, was furious, when he heard this. Sandeep Khosla might have thought that he could get away with it and was dealing with a street kid. He realized that he was dealing with Salman's sister and Khan family's daughter. He apologized profusely for making a nasty comment about Arpita's looks. Served him right. 

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