25 November, 2014

Jennifer Aniston poking fun at Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Aniston came on the talk show, "The Ellen DeGeneres show." You can watch the video here. She showed her version of Kim Kardashianbut the front one(wink!). Jennifer has been engaged for two years to Justin Theroux. Hence, Ellen prodded her with questions about her wedding date. Ellen probed her "And I know everything about you. Not everything, but a lot, but if I weren't your friend and being a talk show host and you're my guest on it is mandatory for me to discuss the crazy constant rumors of the wedding and all the stuff," she continued. "I know that I'll know when the wedding is, but sometimes, because it is so secretive, when we're invited we just go 'we can't be in town....but should we be in town?'" she explained. Aniston confirmed DeGeneres is not alone in the wedding confusion.

"This is like my version of the Kim K, but the forward one," she joked of her fake enlarged breasts , referring to Kim Kardashian Paper mag cover showing off her famous booty. Earlier too, last week, during the red carpet interview, when she was asked about her 1996 Rolling stone cover, in which she had shown her bear bottom, she had replied, "I was original. Sorry Kim K". 

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